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Electrodes & Probes

Electrodes and probes are essential laboratory equipment used for measuring various physical and chemical parameters of a solution or substance. They are typically used in conjunction with a meter or analyzer to provide accurate readings of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and other parameters.

Electrodes are designed to be in direct contact with the sample being analyzed, and they convert the chemical or physical properties of the sample into an electrical signal that can be measured by a meter or analyzer. Probes, on the other hand, are designed to be used in conjunction with electrodes to measure specific parameters such as temperature or dissolved oxygen.

There are many different types of electrodes and probes, each designed for specific applications. pH electrodes, for example, are used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, while conductivity probes are used to measure the electrical conductivity of a solution. Dissolved oxygen probes are used to measure the concentration of oxygen in a liquid, and temperature probes are used to measure the temperature of a sample.

Electrodes and probes are critical tools for scientists and researchers working in fields such as chemistry, biology, and environmental science. They allow for precise measurements of a wide range of parameters and are essential for accurate experimentation and analysis.

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