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Flue Gas Analyzer

Flue Gas Analyzer is a device used in laboratories to measure and analyze the flue gases produced during combustion. The analyzer is used to determine the level of various gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, and other pollutants. The device is used to monitor the efficiency and safety of combustion processes, such as in power plants, industrial processes, and heating systems.

The flue gas analyzer works by drawing a small sample of flue gas from the combustion chamber and analyzing it in real time. The device typically consists of a probe, which is inserted into the flue, a control unit that processes the readings, and a display unit that provides the results. Some advanced models may also feature additional sensors for measuring parameters such as temperature and pressure.

Flue gas analyzers come in various types and designs, including portable and stationary models. Portable analyzers are typically used for field measurements and are designed to be lightweight and compact for ease of use. Stationary analyzers are used for continuous monitoring of emissions and are typically larger and more complex than portable models.

Overall, flue gas analyzers are an essential tool for measuring and monitoring the level of pollutants emitted during combustion processes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, and improving the efficiency and safety of combustion systems.

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