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A fluorometer is a laboratory instrument used for measuring the intensity of fluorescence emitted by a sample. It is commonly used in a variety of applications such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and environmental science to quantify and monitor the presence and concentration of fluorescent molecules or markers.

Fluorometers typically consist of a light source, excitation filters, emission filters, and a detector. The sample is excited by a specific wavelength of light, and the emitted fluorescence is detected and quantified by the detector. The instrument may be used in conjunction with a variety of fluorescent probes or dyes to provide specific information about the sample.

Fluorometers are widely used in research and clinical laboratories for a range of applications such as DNA sequencing, protein quantification, and drug discovery. They are also used in environmental monitoring to measure the concentration of pollutants or other substances in water, air, or soil.

There are different types of fluorometers available, including single-wavelength and multi-wavelength instruments, which can measure fluorescence over a range of wavelengths. Some fluorometers also have the capability to measure absorbance or transmission of light, in addition to fluorescence. The choice of fluorometer will depend on the specific application and the type of sample being analyzed.

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