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Fume Hood

A fume hood is laboratory equipment that helps to protect laboratory workers from exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals by effectively removing and filtering fumes and hazardous gases. The fume hood is designed to contain the release of harmful substances and maintain a safe working environment for laboratory personnel.

The fume hood is made of a metal frame and a hood made of glass or acrylic panels that form the front, sides, and top. The hood is connected to a ventilation system that pulls air from the laboratory and filters out harmful substances. The fume hood has a sash that can be lowered or raised to allow laboratory workers to perform their tasks while still being protected from hazardous substances.

Fume hoods come in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate different laboratory needs. There are benchtop fume hoods, walk-in fume hoods, and floor-mounted fume hoods. Some fume hoods are ducted, which means they are connected to an exhaust system that removes contaminated air from the laboratory, while others are ductless and rely on filtration systems to remove harmful substances.

Fume hoods are essential for laboratories that handle hazardous materials and chemicals. They provide a safe working environment and prevent exposure to toxic substances that could cause harm to laboratory workers.

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