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A funnel is cone-shaped glassware used in laboratories for transferring liquids or other substances from one container to another. The wide top of the funnel allows easy pouring of the substance, while the narrow bottom helps to control the flow of the substance being transferred. Funnels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the specific use case.

One of the most common types of funnels is the Buchner funnel, which is used for vacuum filtration. It is typically made of porcelain, glass, or plastic and has a flat bottom and a perforated plate that allows the filtrate to pass through. Another common type of funnel is the separatory funnel, which is used for separating two immiscible liquids.

Funnels can also be used for adding reagents or solvents to reactions. In such cases, the funnel may have a stopcock or a tap to regulate the flow of the liquid is added. Funnels can be made of different materials depending on the application. Glass is the most common material for laboratory funnels as it is chemically resistant and easy to clean. However, plastic funnels are also available for applications where glass may not be suitable.

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