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Glass Filter Holder

Glass Filter Holder is a laboratory glassware used to hold and support filter paper or membrane filters for filtration. It is an essential tool in analytical chemistry, biology, and other scientific fields where filtration is necessary to separate solid particles from liquids.

The glass filter holder consists of a base, a support screen, and a funnel. The base is typically made of borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock. The support screen is usually made of stainless steel mesh and is designed to hold the filter paper or membrane filter. The funnel is also made of borosilicate glass and is attached to the support screen.

The glass filter holder is available in different sizes, depending on the diameter of the filter paper or membrane filter being used. It is also available in various configurations, including single and multiple holder units.

The glass filter holder is easy to use and can be sterilized before use. It is suitable for use in various laboratory applications, including microbiology, environmental analysis, and food and beverage analysis. Its transparent structure allows easy monitoring of the filtration process, making it a valuable tool in laboratory research and analysis.

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