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Heaters are laboratory equipment that is used to heat or raise the temperature of samples or solutions. There are different types of heaters available for laboratory use, including heating mantles, hot plates, and heating blocks.

Heating mantles are typically used for round-bottomed flasks and are designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the sample. They consist of a heating element that is enclosed in a fabric jacket, and they are available in a range of sizes to fit different sizes of flasks.

Hot plates are flat, electrically-powered heating surfaces that can be used to heat a variety of laboratory vessels, including beakers, flasks, and test tubes. They are typically made of ceramic or metal and can reach temperatures up to 500°C.

Heating blocks are used to heat small tubes, vials, or microplates. They are usually made of metal and can be heated using an electric power source or by immersion in a heated bath.

Overall, heaters are an essential piece of laboratory equipment that can be used in a wide range of applications, from sample preparation to chemical synthesis.

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