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Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)

A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) is an electronic instrument used to measure and analyze both analog and digital signals. It combines the features of both an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer to provide a powerful tool for debugging and testing digital systems.

An MSO typically has two types of inputs: analog and digital. The analog input is used to measure analog signals, such as voltage or current, while the digital input is used to analyze digital signals, such as those generated by a microcontroller or FPGA. The MSO can display both signals simultaneously, allowing engineers to see how the digital and analog signals are interacting with each other.

Some of the key features of an MSO include high-speed data acquisition, advanced triggering capabilities, and waveform processing and analysis. They are commonly used in a variety of industries, including electronics, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace, among others.

MSOs can range in complexity and capability, from basic models with a limited number of channels and features to advanced models with dozens of channels, high sampling rates, and deep memory buffers. They may also come with software that provides additional analysis and debugging tools, such as protocol decoding and serial bus analysis.

Overall, an MSO is a powerful tool for engineers and technicians who need to analyze and debug complex digital systems.

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