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Oxygen Analyzer

An oxygen analyzer is an important monitoring device that is used to measure the amount of oxygen present in the gas mixture. It is a vital tool in many industries, including medical, environmental, and industrial. Oxygen analyzers can be used to monitor oxygen levels in the atmosphere, in exhaust gases, and in breathing gases.

The analyzer works by detecting the amount of oxygen in the sample and displaying the reading in real time. There are different types of oxygen analyzers available in the market, including zirconia, electrochemical, and paramagnetic analyzers. Zirconia analyzers are known for their high accuracy and stability, electrochemical analyzers are ideal for low-cost applications, and paramagnetic analyzers are suitable for high-precision measurements.

Oxygen analyzers are commonly used in medical settings to monitor the oxygen levels of patients on ventilation or anesthesia. They are also used in environmental applications to monitor oxygen levels in lakes, rivers, and oceans. In industrial settings, oxygen analyzers are used to monitor oxygen levels in the air to ensure worker safety.

Overall, oxygen analyzers play a crucial role in maintaining safe and healthy environments in various industries.

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