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Pipettes are essential laboratory glassware used for accurate and precise liquid handling. They are used to transfer a specific volume of liquid from one container to another, and they come in different sizes and designs depending on the application. Pipettes are commonly used in chemistry, biology, and medical labs for experiments and analysis.

The two main types of pipettes are volumetric and graduated pipettes. Volumetric pipettes are used to measure a precise volume of liquid, while graduated pipettes have calibration marks that allow users to measure different volumes of liquid accurately.

Pipettes can be made of glass or plastic and can be disposable or reusable. Disposable pipettes are commonly used in microbiology labs, while reusable pipettes are often used in chemistry and biology labs. Pipettes can also be manual or electronic, with electronic pipettes being more commonly used in modern laboratories due to their ease of use and accuracy.

To use a pipette, the liquid is drawn up into the pipette using a pipette filler or bulb and then dispensed into the desired container. It is important to use the correct pipette size for the volume of liquid being measured and to follow proper pipetting techniques to ensure accurate results.

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