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Potentiometric Titrator

A potentiometric titrator is a laboratory equipment used for performing titration, a chemical process of measuring the amount of a substance in a solution. The potentiometric titrator is an advanced type of titration equipment that is widely used in analytical chemistry to measure the concentration of unknown substances in a sample.

This instrument is equipped with a potentiometer, which measures the difference in the electrical potential between two electrodes. This potential difference is proportional to the concentration of the substance being measured. The sample is added to the titration cell, which contains a reagent that reacts with the substance being measured.

The potentiometric titrator then measures the potential difference between the electrodes before and after the reagent is added. By measuring the change in potential, the instrument can determine the amount of reagent that has reacted with the substance being measured, allowing for the calculation of the concentration of the unknown substance.

Potentiometric titrators are widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for quality control and research and development. They are also used in environmental analysis, food and beverage testing, and other applications where accurate measurement of substance concentrations is critical.

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