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Power Tools

Power Tools are versatile devices that are powered by electricity or battery and used for various applications such as cutting, drilling, sanding, grinding, and polishing. These tools are commonly used in workshops, construction sites, and DIY projects. Power tools make the task easier, faster, and more precise compared to manual tools.

Some common types of power tools are:

Drill: A drill is a tool used to make a hole in a surface using a rotating bit.

Circular saw: A circular saw is a tool used to cut wood, metal, or plastic in a straight line.

Jigsaw: A jigsaw is a tool used to cut intricate shapes in wood or metal.

Angle grinder: An angle grinder is a tool used to grind, sand, or polish metal, concrete, or stone.

Sander: A sander is a tool used to smoothen the surface of wood or metal by sanding it.

Power screwdriver: A power screwdriver is a tool used to insert or remove screws quickly and effortlessly.

Impact wrench: An impact wrench is a tool used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts with high torque.

Rotary tool: A rotary tool is a versatile tool used for drilling, sanding, cutting, polishing, and grinding.

Heat gun: A heat gun is a tool used to generate hot air to remove paint, thaw frozen pipes, or bend the plastic.

Power saw: A power saw is a tool used to cut wood, metal, or plastic in various shapes and sizes.

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