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Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is a device used to measure the pressure of a fluid, such as water or air. It typically consists of a gauge with a dial or digital display and a connection to the fluid being measured via a tube or pipe. When the fluid flows through the connection, it exerts a force on a sensing element inside the gauge, which then displays the pressure reading.

Pressure gauges are commonly used in water supply equipment to monitor the pressure of water in pipes, tanks, and other containers. They are essential for ensuring that the water pressure is within the acceptable range for the equipment and devices connected to the water supply system. They are also used in a variety of other industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where accurate pressure measurements are critical for the proper functioning of machinery and equipment.

There are different types of pressure gauges available, such as mechanical, digital, and analog gauges. Mechanical gauges use a spring or diaphragm to measure pressure, while digital gauges use electronic sensors to convert the pressure reading into an electrical signal. Analog gauges use a dial and pointer to display the pressure reading. Pressure gauges also vary in their pressure range, accuracy, and durability, depending on the application they are used for.

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