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A pycnometer is a laboratory glassware that is used for measuring the density of liquids. It is typically a small, cylindrical-shaped glass bottle with a narrow neck and a tight-fitting stopper.

To use a pycnometer, a small amount of the liquid sample is poured into the bottle, and the stopper is carefully placed back into the neck. The pycnometer is then weighed, and the weight is recorded. The pycnometer is then filled with a reference liquid, typically distilled water or air, and weighed again. The density of the liquid sample can then be calculated based on the difference in weight between the two measurements, as well as the density of the reference liquid.

Pycnometers are often used in industries such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals to determine the density of various liquids, such as oils, creams, and solutions. They can also be used in research laboratories for measuring the density of chemicals and other substances.

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