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A tachometer is a device used to measure the speed of rotation of a shaft or disk, typically in a motor or engine. It works by detecting the number of rotations per unit of time and displaying the information in a readable format, usually in revolutions per minute (RPM). Tachometers can be either mechanical or digital, with mechanical tachometers being driven by a cable attached to the engine and digital tachometers using sensors to detect the rotational speed.

Tachometers are commonly used in automobiles to monitor engine speed and diagnose problems such as misfires or failing components. They are also used in other machinery and equipment that require precise speed control, such as generators, pumps, and conveyor belts.

In addition to measuring rotational speed, some tachometers also have additional features such as shift lights that indicate when it's time to shift gears in a manual transmission vehicle or an alarm that sounds when the engine exceeds a predetermined RPM limit. Some tachometers also have data logging capabilities, allowing users to record and analyze the performance of the engine or equipment over time.

Overall, tachometers are an important tool for monitoring and maintaining the performance of machinery and equipment that rely on rotational speed.

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