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TDS Meter

A TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter is a device used to measure the concentration of dissolved solids in a solution, typically water. The meter works by measuring the electrical conductivity of the solution and converting it to a TDS reading. The TDS reading is a measure of the concentration of all inorganic and organic substances in a solution, including salts, minerals, metals, and other chemical compounds.

TDS meters are commonly used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, and water treatment. They are also used in household applications, such as testing the quality of tap water.

TDS meters come in various types, including handheld, benchtop, and inline meters. Handheld meters are portable and easy to use, making them ideal for field measurements. Benchtop meters are more accurate and precise, and are often used in laboratory settings. Inline meters are designed to be installed in a water treatment system to continuously monitor the TDS levels.

TDS meters typically have a digital display that shows the TDS reading in parts per million (ppm). Some models also have additional features, such as temperature compensation, automatic calibration, and data logging.

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