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Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

The Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) analyzer is a laboratory equipment designed to measure the nitrogen content of various samples, including soil, water, plant material, and food. It is a highly accurate and precise instrument that employs the Kjeldahl method, which involves digesting the sample in concentrated sulfuric acid and then distilling the resulting solution to quantify the amount of nitrogen present.

The TKN analyzer typically consists of a digestion unit, a distillation unit, a titration unit, and a software interface. The digestion unit heats the sample and sulfuric acid to break down the organic material and release the nitrogen compounds. The distillation unit collects the resulting ammonia gas and condenses it into an acidic solution. The titration unit measures the amount of acid consumed during the reaction with ammonia, which is proportional to the amount of nitrogen present in the sample. The software interface allows the user to control and monitor the analysis process, as well as store and analyze the resulting data.

The TKN analyzer is an important tool for environmental monitoring, quality control in the food and agriculture industries, and research in biochemistry and microbiology. It offers a reliable and efficient method for quantifying the total nitrogen content of various samples, which is crucial for understanding the nutritional content, pollution levels, and overall quality of different materials.

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