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VOC Sampler

VOC Sampler is a laboratory equipment used to collect samples of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air. It is used for environmental monitoring, quality control and research applications. VOCs are organic chemicals that easily vaporize at room temperature, which makes them a potential source of air pollution. VOCs have been associated with various health issues such as respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, and skin irritation. Hence, it is important to monitor the VOC levels in the environment and ensure they are within acceptable limits.

A VOC Sampler works by drawing air through a sample container using a pump. The sample container is filled with a sorbent material, which captures the VOCs present in the air. The sorbent material can be later analyzed in a laboratory to quantify the concentration of VOCs.

VOC Samplers are available in various types, such as passive samplers, active samplers, and sorbent tube samplers. Passive samplers are usually small and inexpensive and can be used for long-term sampling. Active samplers, on the other hand, use a pump to actively draw air through the sorbent material, allowing for better control over the sampling time and flow rate. Sorbent tube samplers are used for collecting samples in industrial settings where the air may contain high concentrations of VOCs.

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