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Water Pump Controller

Water pump controllers are electronic devices used to regulate the operation of a water pump. They are designed to automate the starting and stopping of the pump, based on the water demand or level in a water tank. The main function of a water pump controller is to control the pressure and flow of water, and protect the pump from various faults such as dry running, overloading, and voltage fluctuations.

The water pump controller typically consists of a control panel, pressure sensor, and flow sensor. The control panel houses the electronic circuitry that manages the pump's operation. The pressure sensor is installed on the water supply line to detect the water pressure, and the flow sensor measures the flow rate of water.

The water pump controller works by monitoring the water pressure and flow rate, and activating the pump accordingly. When the water demand is high or the water level in the tank drops below a certain level, the pump controller activates the pump. When the water demand decreases or the tank is full, the controller stops the pump.

Some advanced water pump controllers come with additional features such as motor protection, dry run protection, and adjustable pressure settings. They can also be integrated with other water supply equipment, such as water tanks, bore wells, and pressure boosting systems, to provide a complete water supply solution.

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