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zeolite molecular sieves

Capacity & Sizes

available in capacities up to 24 NM3/hr. & higher capacities are available on request.

  • Capacities up to 24 NM3/hr. & MORE
  • No fuel is required
  • Purity up to 93%(+-#%) is easily achievable
  • Low Capital & running cost
  • Start up time of only 15-45 minutes Process:OXYGEN generation plant based on the PSA process consist of two absorbers filled with ZEOLITE molecular sleeve (ZMS)
  • It is highly resilient towards long term pressure swing usage. Moreover, the excellent auto regenerative
Product Description

SE PSA OXYGEN PLANT PSA (PRESSURE SWING OPERATION) OXYGEN Plants REQUEST CALLBACK We are manufacturing state of Art OXYGEN Plants, PSA OXYGEN Plants and PSA OXYGEN Gas Plants. These work on pressure swing adsorption principle. We provide variety of PSA OXYGEN plants, OXYGEN gas generator, Hydrogen Generation by water electrolysis

 Water electrolysis based Hydrogen Plants, Hydrogen Generation Plant by water electrolysis, refineries, water electrolysis based hydrogen plants and chemical plants, oil and gas platforms, metal-treatment, tankers and storage tanks, pipelines etc.

 Compressed and purified air is passes through the absorbers. Mainly nitrogen is absorbed on the ZEOLITE molecular sieve and OXYGEN enriched gas is leaving the absorber. The Nitrogen and other concentration can be reduced to almost all required levels.

During adsorption in one absorber the second absorber is totally regenerated just by depressurization to ambient pressure. The nitrogen and other enriched off gas is vented. After about one minute adsorption in one absorber the process controller is switching over to the second adsorbed.

We use material from carbo tech who has pioneered the scale - up of the production of narrow pored carbon molecular sieves to an industrial level. In one multi-step process on ultra-fine pore structure is formed in the molecular sieves pallets. This structure facilitates easy separation of different sized nitrogen and OXYGEN molecules. ZMS is the crucial element of any PSA plant utilizing the BF-Process. 

 Moreover, the excellent auto regenerative characteristic of the sieve leads to many years of high quality OXYGEN production. Hence one ZMS charge lasts as long as the PSA plant. This makes it a safe long terms investment. Capacity & Sizes: It is available in capacities up to 24 NM3/hr. & higher capacities are available on request.

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