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  • solar-garden-boundary-gate-light-in-stainless-steel-body-white-led-hybrid-with-inbuilt-battery-solar-panel
  • solar-garden-boundary-gate-light-in-stainless-steel-body-white-led-hybrid-with-inbuilt-battery-solar-panel
  • solar-garden-boundary-gate-light-in-stainless-steel-body-white-led-hybrid-with-inbuilt-battery-solar-panel

Solar Garden, Boundary & Gate Light in Stainless Steel Body - White LED - Hybrid with Inbuilt Battery & Solar Panel

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  • Specifications
Type of Product

Solar Garden Light

Model No



Rechargeable Inbuilt Battery


Stainless Steel Body

Solar Panel

Aluminium Solar Panel

LED Color


  • High performance
  • High Durability
  • Easy installation
Product Description

Solar Garden, Boundary & Gate Light in Stainless Steel Body - White LED - Hybrid with Inbuilt Battery & Solar Panel is the best in class outdoor solar lights available in the market. The solar universe India-led solar lights Price is the lowest in the market without compromising on the quality.


The perfect product for your outdoor Gates, Boundary Walls, or for your Gardens, this is a stainless steel-based Solar Garden & Exterior Lamp which has an inbuilt battery and a solar panel mounted on top. It is powered by 12 Super Bright White LEDs and comes with a Dusk to Dawn Feature which lets the product function automatically once it is installed, switched ON, and receives regular sunshine. It is also hybrid which means it can be recharged by electricity as well via the charger provided externally. Once fully charged, the product delivers a battery backup of up to 8 hours. This product is also very popular for use in farmhouses, resorts, hotels, army messes, and community parks.

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