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  • solar-universe-india-search-focus-solar-torch-with-inbuilt-lithium-battery-external-solar-panel
  • solar-universe-india-search-focus-solar-torch-with-inbuilt-lithium-battery-external-solar-panel

Solar Universe India Search & Focus Solar Torch with inbuilt lithium battery & external Solar Panel

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Solar, Lithium Battery

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Product Description

Solar Universe India Search & Focus Solar Torch with inbuilt lithium battery & external Solar Panel This is a multipurpose Solar Focus & Torch Light with a super long range, high power LED, 10000mAh lithium battery, SOS Side Light, and Electricity as well as Solar Charging. These features make it a hybrid torch light suitable for camping, trekking, search & rescue operations as well as forest & farming purposes. At the lowest light mode, it can run for up to 48 hours at a stretch which makes it highly convenient & feature-rich. The LED light can deliver up to 100W of output which is divided between two modes - torch mode (4 brightness options) and SOS side light mode (3 brightness options). It is powered by a super large lithium battery of 10,000mAh which can be recharged via electricity or the external solar panel provided with the product. Since the electronics of the product are embedded very carefully, the product is also rainproof, easy to use, carry & handle.

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