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Tensile Testing Machine

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  • Specifications


Model Name/Number


Maximum Crosshead Stroke

1000 mm without load cell & grips.

Maximum Test load


Load Measurement

By means of exchangeable strain gauge based load cell.

Load Measuring Range and Accuracy

+ 1% on indicated load from 2 % to 100 % of load capacity.

Distance between Columns

450 mm

Drive System Option - DD with DC drive

1:10speed ratio 5 - 50 mm / min, 25 - 250 mn/min, 50 - 500 mm/ min (Any other speed range available

Drive System Option - SD with servo drive

0.5 mm to 500 mm/min {Any other speed range available on request)

Power Supply

230 V AC/50Hz, 1 Ph 415 V AC/50Hz, 3 Ph

Measuring System Microcontroller Panel Crosshead Display Resolution Load range & Resolution

Model DI-MP 0.1 mm by means of rotary encoder 1 /10000 from 0-40 %of range and 1 / 4000 from 40-100%

  • High performance
  • Easy to use
  • Longer life
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable rates
Product Description

Tensile testing machine is used to test the tensile strength of materials such as fabrics, plastics, rubber, etc. The machine can be used to measure the breaking force or stress applied to the sample.

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