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  • thermo-scientific-atomic-absorption-spectrophotometer-model-aa301
  • thermo-scientific-atomic-absorption-spectrophotometer-model-aa301

Thermo Scientific Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Model-AA301

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  • Specifications
Wavelength Range

185-900 nm

Optical System

Double Beam

Spectral Bandwidth

1 nm


Thermo Scientific

Model Name/Number


Lamp Type

Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Double beam optics to improve signal stability
  • Automatic fuel flow and burner position optimization to ease method development
  • Software controlled burner with horizontal, vertical and angular movement to optimise performance
  • Comprehensive cookbook tool for users to help in method development
  • Flexibility and reduced warm-up time for lamps increasing productivity
  • Auto detection of coded lamp
  • Product Features: 1. High sensitivity, high accuracy 2. Easy operation 3. Small size 4. Low cost 5. Fast response time 6. Compact design 7. Portable 8. No consumable
Product Description

The Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ FIOS™ AAS incorporates a unique ten lamp carousel that enables the measurement of a wide range of elements, expanding your AAS analysis. The flame atomizer combined with the double beam optical system enables the analysis of elements in the concentration range of sub ppm to % level.

Easy-access ten lamp carousel with the capability to read coded lamps

•High light transmission for high precision and accuracy The iCE FIOS AAS instrument is an ideal solution for laboratories that analyze a number of elements in samples at varying concentration ranges.

•Ten lamp carousel for fast and automatic switch over

•Auto detection of all coded lamps

•Auto alignment of the HCL

•Efficient fiber optics communication

•User definable, software controlled power switch for HCL to enhance lamp life

•Magnetic lock enabled doors with safety sensors Thermo Scientific iCE FIOS AAS. Flame atomizer

•Auto ignition of flame after all safety interlock checks:– Flame door lock– Burner presence– Burner type sensor– Drain flow sensor– Lamp door – Pressure sensor

•Software controlled burner height, vertical and angular movement

•Display of fuel and oxidant pressure for real time monitoring

•User friendly push-fit burner

•Inert nebulizer and spray chamber suitable for all types of samples prepared using various acids

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