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Testo Ultrasound Leak Detector

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  • The testo LD pro, the compressed air leak detector for professionals, is your trusty instrument when it comes to locating leaks, and you will also find it convenient for documenting the loss of compressed air and for assessing cost savings without delay.
Product Description

  • Easy operation via touchscreen

  • With integrated camera: display and storage of leaks in the image

  • Measurement data displayed on the instrument screen in l/min and costs in EUR

  • Data transfer via USB to PC, easy creation of reports in accordance with ISO 50001 using the Testo-Leak software

Work professionally when detecting, assessing and stopping leaks and evaluate the cost savings immediately using the testo LD pro – true to its name, this instrument is the pro when it comes to compressed air leak detectors. Thanks to headphones and state-of-the-art camera technology, you can carry out acoustic leak detection and display leaks in a real image. Conveniently create and manage reports in accordance with ISO 50001 using the Testo-Leak software, which can be ordered separately. The data stored in the measuring instrument can be transferred to the PC easily via the USB interface.

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