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  • wastewater-primary-and-secondary-clarifiers
  • wastewater-primary-and-secondary-clarifiers

Wastewater Primary and Secondary Clarifiers


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Product Description

Circular Clarifiers normally utilize a center feed inlet well or a peripheral inlet. The center feed well design can be equipped with a chemical addition system with mixing and flocculation. With the center feed well, the effluent is discharged along the outer wall of the clarifier tank. Clarifiers with peripheral inlets will be designed with a center bottom liquid outlet.

Envifab Environmental builds primary and secondary clarifiers for municipal wastewater treatment, as well as flocculating clarifiers and solids contact clarifiers for clean water or potable water applications. Our experienced staff will provide high efficiency, low maintenance systems that will provide the highest return on investment.

Primary clarifier unit have a additional Skimmer assembly which is used to collect the floating scum form the top of the water level.

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