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Water Care Technology Battery And Distilled Water

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  • Batter water is manufactured byan exchange process which has two vertical cylinders made of FRP/Plastic fitted with stand andwater quality testing kit, so as to ensure continuequality check of water being produced.
  • This cylindrical vessel contains Resin, which has power to remove all hardness from water.
  • Water passes frombottom of the first cylinder and comes from the top and again goes into the bottom of second cylinder, which again comes out from top of the second column in purest form, free from all salts.
  • In this process water has to pass only through two cylinders and many times, gravity force is only sufficient for the purpose.
  • If sufficient pressure is not thereone may for small pump for water feeding.
Product Description

Water used in Batteries (mainly vehicles) should befree from salts, Chlorine and Iron. These impurities spoil the electrodes and reduce the battery and hence special water with minimum impurities are required for the purpose, known as Battery water. Now a day D.M. Water is being used in the Batteries. Raw water from Open well/Bore well or Corporation can be used for the purpose. 

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