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  • water-care-technology-industrial-waste-water-treatment-plant
  • water-care-technology-industrial-waste-water-treatment-plant

Water Care Technology Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant

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  • We are engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of water treatment plants as per the specified requirements of our clients.These plants are acknowledged for easy installation, durability, portability, high performance and low maintenance. Used for treating the waste water generated from various industries, these plants carry out purification using chemical and biological process. Our company efficiently undertakes the job of setting up wastewater treatment plants. These are set up for the need of treatment of the water waste which is produced by the companies. It involves the performance assessment of industry specific effluent treatment plant. Apart from this, we are also engaged in the process, system design and evaluation of the treatment facility. We sincerely perform our set of analysis and consultation on operation and maintenance of ETPs/CETPs. Further, the existing ETP is upgraded after proper evaluation and selection. Once, our water treatment facilities are implemented treatment ability and feasibility services are conducted. We even offer advice on modification and up gradation of the facilities for achieving desired results and also to reduce production cost. We are also engaged in undertaking the turn key projects.
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