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Ambetronics Biogas Analyzer

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Product Type

Portable Bio Gas Analyzer



Automation Grade


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  • Digital display of CH4 CO2, O2, H2S Concentration on the LCD display with backlight
  • Plug-in Sensor provides a full year of warranted protection against hazardous gases
  • Calibration due indication and alert
  • Easy handling and programming with 3 keys and one key for power ON/OF
  • Password protected function menu
  • Power supply with rechargeable battery
  • LOW, HIGH, STEL and TWA configurable alarms with buzzer and vibrator alerts and LED indications
  • Small, compact and light-weight
  • Software calibration totally by using front keys
  • Optional data logging facility with 50000 records & visible in ASCII format while downloading to PC via USB interface
  • Battery status indication on the LCD display with battery charging LED indication and BAT low indication with Buzzer.
Product Description

Ambetronics Biogas Analyzer, The Portable Biogas Analyzer PG-400-S-PEL is specifically designed for measurement and monitoring of biogas, greenhouse and other gases like methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc. with concentrations of 4 gases displayed on LCD screen at a time.

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