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  • organic-solutions-advanced-eco-reactor-green-stp
  • organic-solutions-advanced-eco-reactor-green-stp
  • organic-solutions-advanced-eco-reactor-green-stp

Organic Solutions Advanced Eco Reactor Green STP

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  • Specifications
Green STP


Energy Requirement

Upto 70% lower

Can run on solar


Eco Friendly


Sludge Handling


Product Description

AER STP does not require skilled manpower for operation and has significantly lower power consumption as compared to conventional STPs. It is an environment friendly and sustainable option which delivers reusable treated water without any daily/weekly/monthly sludge handling.

An STP that looks like a garden and adds value to its surroundings instead of being a liability

Some unique features are summarized below:

1.     AER reactor uses only natural materials and it is 100% ecological. 

2.     No moving parts like blowers, stirrers etc. required. Only pumps are required. 

3.     Easy to operate, it can be operated by semi-skilled person rather than engineer.

4.     Low depreciation because of less mechanical equipment.

5.  AER STP can be operated even if power is available intermittently. This feature is unique to AER STPs and it does not require gen-set backup.

6. No daily weekly monthly sludge handling

7. No chemicals, 100% green

8. No widespread odor

9. Meets all CPCB and NGT norms 

10. Treated water can be recycled for non potable uses

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